2016 Performance Calendar Updated

Looks like we are in for a busy year!

2016 performance dates are up here: https://thebattleaxeband.com/where-well-be-next/

We’ll kick things off with our CD Release Party in Greenville, SC on March 6. It’s a drop-in with a jam afterwards, so join us for a tune or the whole time. It’s free, and there will be food, music of course, and some limited band swag like The BattleAxe Band mugs.

Also,  a few more events are in the works and we’ll get them on the calendar as soon as they are finalized.

If you are feeling adventurous this year (like we are) and want to try out contra dancing (it is SO much fun!) or going to a farmer’s market you’ve never been to or maybe a new event venue, come with us (we double-dog dare you)! See you soon!