Kickstarter Update

Hi friends! We’re almost halfway through our campaign to raise money to make our first CD. So far we’ve raised almost $1300 of the needed $5000.  We’ve had a good response and really appreciate all the donations we’ve received already. We have a long way to go yet in a short time. We have until October 3rd to reach our funding goal to make this project happen. If you have been listening to the BattleAxes for awhile or if you just stumbled across us, I hope you’ll check out our Kickstarter and see if there is a reward you would like (we are offering everything from downloads and pre-ordering the CD to massages and concerts and more!) or making a donation to keep this old-timey music alive. Visit our Kickstarter at :

Let’s Kick it with Kickstarter!

It’s here! It’s time! We’re finally doing it!

What you ask? We are making our debut CD! In order to do this we need to raise funds to pay for the many costs associated with such an endeavor, such as recording studio time and CD packaging. The hardest part? We have to raise the entire goal of $5000 in order to get a single penny. The coolest part? We have lots of unique “rewards” available for different levels of donations, from copies of our upcoming CD to massages and concerts!  Go visit today and see the great video Brooke put together. Thanks for your support!